About us


Arrels Barcelona is the dream come true of Javier & Pepe Llaudet, two cousins with the firm determination of unearthing the textile roots of their grandparents while paying tribute to the Mediterranean lifestyle. One day, they decided to take a leap of faith and today… they sell swim shorts.

Arrels Barcelona is warmth and colour. Joy, relaxation, vitality. Arrels Barcelona is, in one word, Summer. How often have you hoped for summer to never end? Arrels takes the spirit of summer and makes it a year-round experience.

Arrels Barcelona is art in motion, featuring the artistic creativity of renowned illustrators such as Jean Jullien, Malika Favre, and Catalina Estrada. Why should art be housed in cold galleries when it can be exhibited outdoors, enjoying the sun and the beach?

Make the spirit of summer last all year long. Take summer to every spot in the world: from Saint Tropez and Tokyo, to London and New York. Come rain, snow, or shine. Our mission is to “summerize” the world.

Summer is really much more than a season: it’s a state of mind. It’s learning to enjoy every single second. It’s smiling at life before it smiles at you. Summer is disconnecting from the world to reconnect with oneself. Having the same concerns one had as a child: playing, discovering, enjoying. Summer means not wanting to miss a single sunset, because each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Summer is making any given Monday the best Friday ever. Summer is finding pleasure in reading a good book, listening to a concert, taking an improvised dip in the sea, going to an art gallery opening, or having drinks with friends at a hotel rooftop terrace. Summer is everything that makes you feel alive. Summer is life lived to the fullest.