Arrels Barcelona

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Arrels Barcelona is the dream and adventure of two cousins, Javier and Pepe Llaudet, whose family has century-old roots in the textile industry. Arrels, which means roots, is a brand obsessed with transmitting its radically optimistic view of the world. Our unique, vibrant, and colourful products are made with top-quality and best-in-class raw materials and produced no further than a stone’s throw away. That is why we develop close collaborative relationships with all the companies we work with. We don’t have clients, companies or suppliers, but friends we love and respect!


Javier and Pepe have always been drawn to modern art and, in particular, to mediums they consider to be at the heart of our generation. That is why Arrels works with artists in all its collections. It is an integral part of the brand's DNA and the perfect fusion of art and fashion.