Lucie in the Wonderlands

Lucie de Moyencourt was born in Paris, but currently lives and works in South Africa. Lucie’s mother was a ballet dancer and her father an antique dealer and collector of African art, so she grew up in a home that valued and promoted creativity. She is an architect by training but a designer, illustrator and painter in her heart and her work has been featured at Kleinsky’s Delicatessen and the Voorkamer Gallery. She is currently working her way around the Cape peninsula with the view of publishing a book of drawings of the cape.

When we approached Lucie to design a print for Arrels Barcelona, she turned her artistic eye to the influencersinthewild Instagram account, which features how far many influencers will go to get the right picture to post. Lucie’s Beach I’m Influencing is her very own humorous take on this rather crazy aspect of our world. It’s so very meta and sarcastic!