The Holiday Boileau brand is a re-imagining of the former New York-based travel magazine, Holiday, which went out of print in the late seventies. Some of the most celebrated writing by Graham Greene, Joan Didion, Jack Kerouac and Truman Capote first appeared in the pages of Holiday. In 2014, after a thirty-seven-year hiatus, Holiday returned at the behest of Parisian art director Franck Durand. This new Holiday remains faithful to the essence, aesthetic and sense of journalistic adventure of its forebearer, but in a format that also celebrates fashion.

The Arrels Barcelona and Holiday Boileau collaboration, available in two colourways, is imbued with that indescribable French flare. It’s laid back but luxurious. Vintage yet modern. Elegant and playful. It’s  quintessential Holiday for the 21st century.