Quentin Monge

His designs seem a mix between Hantaï and Matisse. French artist, Quentin Monge, brings us a dose of color that comes back in the saddle when morale is low!

It’s through his minimalist characters and beautifully composed patterns that Quentin captures a fascinating world of sea life for the pleasure of our eyes.

His childhood in the south of France, near Saint-Tropez, gave him this pronounced taste for light and soothing hues. Quentin is much sought after by major sponsors such as cosmetics Kiehl’s or Airbnb and a warm wind blows on its creations lined with a pleasant summer smell.

“The Blue and Fuchsia Nereids design features a repeating pattern of algae and nereids: friendly female spirits that symbolise everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea. They are the perfect representation of the joy and optimism that Arrels Barcelona is known for.”

Quentin Monge for Arrels Barcelona