Malika Favre

Elegant simplicity. Post minimalism. Pop Art mixed with OpArt. Malika Favre’s style is personal, unique, and almost impossible to catalogue. There are really only two words that can be used to define it: Malika Favre.

Call it what you may, we just love her work. And we are not alone in our admiration. This French artist who has adopted Barcelona as her hometown, is one of the most respected artists in the world today. She has worked with brands such as The New Yorker, Vogue, Vanity Fair… and now Arrels.

Sober elegance. Post minimalism. Pop Art combined with OpArt.

Malika’s style is personal, unique and almost impossible to catalogue. The only two words that could actually be used to define it are: Malika Favre. What is unquestionable is that this Barcelona-based French artist is one of the most respected visual artists in Europe. Her portfolio includes The New Yorker, Vogue and BAFTA, among many others

Malika for Arrels Barcelona