Arrels Barcelona was founded by Javier Llaudet.

A few years ago Javier traveled to the many special places that stock Arrels Barcelona products. He had the chance to talk to people from different walks of life, countries, and cultures and what he very visibly saw and understood is that the damage we have inflicted on our world is a real and urgent concern.

The first thing he did when he got back to Barcelona was have long conversations with his the team and with the artists Arrels Barcelona works with. The discussions were invigorating and made him feel hopeful and proud. Not only were they all on board with his ideas, but they had their own to add to the mix.

So, starting in April 2020, all Arrels Barcelona print swim shorts are made in Portugal out of recycled PET (polyester made using recycled plastic bottles). This new and incredibly soft material, perfectly captures the richness of our prints. In addition to helping our planet, our swim shorts dry much quicker than before. Our solid-colour swim shorts are made out of polyamide, while we test alternative materials that respect our colours as well as the environment.

We have also introduced eco-friendly packaging. This means Arrels Barcelona only uses recycled or biodegradable materials, aiming to drastically reduce our carbon print.

Finally, because we want to ensure we are proactively contributing to the movement to cleaning up the mess we have all made, we donate 1€ for every swim short we sell to Surfrider Foundation Europe, an international foundation that works to protect our oceans, preserve our coasts, ensure our beaches are clean and accessible, and keep plastic from polluting our waterways.


Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to protect and showcase the importance of lakes, rivers, oceans, waves, and coastlines. It currently has over 13,000 members and is active across 9 countries through its volunteer-run branches. 

For almost 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been taking action as a recognised authority in three areas of expertise: marine litter, water quality & public health, and coastal management & climate change.


Surfrider Europe works with all social actors—individual citizens, the general public, and the private sector—on 3 main issues:

1 – Marine Litter:  10 million tons of waste—80% of which is plastic—are thrown into the ocean each year.

1 – Coastal Development & Climate Change: Coastal erosion, rising water levels, maritime transport,—80% of which is plastic— and offshore platforms all contribute to damage our coasts and oceans.

3 – Water Quality and Health: waste from agricultural areas, urban areas, and sewage systems all threaten the quality of our coastal waters.


PASSION: Passion for our oceans and coastlines, as well as the pleasure they provide, inspire and guide the actions of everyone at Arrels Barcelona & Surfrider Europe.

SHARING: Arrels Barcelona & Surfrider Europe are rooted in the value of sharing through inclusion and diversity.

RESPECT: Arrels Barcelona & Surfrider Europe seek a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

To learn more about Surfrider Europe, please click here.