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Passion, enthusiasm, authenticity. Arrels is more than just a brand of shoes: it’s an attitude in the shape of shoes. It’s starting the day off on the right foot, putting the shoes of optimism on, and walking through life with a spring in one’s step.


We are inspired by the Mediterranean and its traditions. Its rhythm, its colours, its creative atmosphere. We are inspired by the countryside, because that is where we come from. And by Barcelona, because that is where we want to be. We are inspired by music because we don’t understand life without it.


Arrels is the dream of two cousins, friends, and partners who believe that having a business should not preclude us from having fun. That to create an excellent product, we must enjoy making it. That is why we have surrounded ourselves by outstanding professionals and even better people. To create the best shoe for you.


At your feet.


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Pepe & Javier Llaudet




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